CarPlay Completely Broken on Jailbroken iPhones After a Recent Update


Depending on who you ask, jailbreaking an iPhone could be either a great idea or a way to ruin your otherwise perfect smartphone. In theory, jailbreaking an iPhone gives users the freedom that Apple itself has made impossible in its walled garden. Owners can therefore get access to apps and customization options that aren’t otherwise available, even if this means staying on an older version of iOS. At the opposite pole, there are some users who think that jailbreaking an iPhone compromises the security of the iPhone, while also increasing the likelihood of bugs that nobody would offer support to resolve. As said, the opinions on whether an iPhone should be jailbroken are still mixed, but starting this week, those who are against this idea have another way to prove their point. Users who have already unlocked their iPhones with the latest version of unc0ver and installed iOS 14.8 on their devices ended up unable to run CarPlay. At first glance, CarPlay is completely broken on these iPhones, and unfortunately for these users, a workaround doesn’t seem to exist. While it’s pretty clear just a matter of time until the developer of the jailbreak solution comes up with a fix, it looks like the update to iOS 14.8 is what made CarPlay impossible to use. Everything appears to be working just fine on an older version, such as iOS 14.2, so it’s obvious the update is the one that’s breaking down CarPlay completely. At this point, it’s not yet clear if there’s anything these users can do. As it happens in the world of jailbreaking, once you install a newer version of iOS, there’s no way to go back due to Apple’s limitations, so the only way to deal with this problem is a full patch. Unfortunately, nobody knows for sure if and when such a fix could land, so for now, if you haven’t updated your iPhone to iOS 14.8 and previously unlocked the device with unc0ver, you’d better think twice before installing this version of the operating system.