CD100 Superyacht Concept Is a Movie Buff’s Floating Luxury Home and Haven


Cantu Design is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Seattle, U.S., with offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands as well. It turns dreams into reality so that you can set sail on them: with more than 15 years of experience in the naval industry, this America-based studio boasts strong relationships with some of the most exclusive shipyards, designing, developing and building custom superyachts.

CD100 is the latest project from the design studio – and a gorgeous one, at it. The name might not be the most poetic, but the true nature of this 100-meter (328-foot) absolutely is. With clear, Art Deco-inspired lines, this superyacht is basically a floating multiplex and a lavish family floating home, all rolled into one. It was created for an owner who is well-versed in the art of luxury travel and a movie buff at heart.

“The design brief required a yacht that the owner could entertain guests on at various film events around the world such as the Cannes Film Festival,” designer John Cantu says in a statement to Boat International. “The ability to host private parties within a dazzling interior with a cinema at the heart — aft of the upper deck — was an important factor.”

So CD100 is not just a vessel you can sail to all the major film festivals around Europe (and the world), but it could host its own, scaled-down film festival as well. The highlight of the build is a generous cinema located aft on the upper deck, perfect for outdoor private screenings. Forward of the cinema is an atrium with a lounge and grand piano – just imagine how wonderfully this combination would work in the case of private film screenings for studio releases, offering both the venue for the screening and the venue for the afterparty.

The exterior is “timeless” in style, with a flowing, sinuous silhouette. Built with aluminum and steel, CD100 offers ample interior space for the kind of luxury amenities that have become standard with today’s superyachts. Two pools, a helipad, spa and wellness center, packed tender garage, formal and informal dining salons, a skylounge, and various other lounge areas are part of the layout. The aft main deck houses a swimming pool with tanning beds, and the area can be used as a dancefloor when need be. There’s even a hairdresser’s saloon available, because we all know you can’t go to the movies if you’re having a bad hair day.

That said, it’s the way in which these areas are accessible to guests that makes CD100 stand out: whereas most designers would favor more straightforward and uncomplicated access, Cantu Design chooses a sense of adventure. It makes sense to imagine a superyacht, or anything else for that matter, where people can get from point A to B directly, but where’s the fun in that? So the design studio proposes walkways and corridors that are curved and quite possibly misleading, to turn crossing the available space into an adventure of itself.

Accommodation is for up to 16 guests and a crew of 30. Guests have a choice between two VIP suites, three double cabins and two twin cabins, while the owner gets a suite on a separate deck, which can be separated from the rest of the ship for more privacy. The owner’s suite comes with access to a private terrace with jacuzzi and lounges, spacious walk-in wardrobes, an office, a library, and his and hers bathrooms. It also boasts a private dining room and private bar, so they can entertain select guests away from company.

For fun, there’s the helipad at the bow of CD100 and a tender garage packed with toys and tenders. There’s also a diving room with special diving gear, just perfect for the more adventurous seafarers.

Cantu Design doesn’t specify propulsion for CD100, but it does say that it would come with an estimated range of 4,000 nautical miles, when cruising at a leisurely speed of 13.5 knots. Maximum speed is set for 17 knots – so you know your arrival on the Cannes red carpet is only as fashionably late as you want it to be.