CGI Caterpillar Backhoe Going the Hot Rod Dragster Route Is Plain Labor Day Fun


Easily just as globally recognizable as – let’s say – John Deer’s iconic green livery is CAT’s, yellow attire. And does anything say Labor Day more than a Caterpillar Inc. backhoe loader? Perhaps one with Hot Rod and dragster credentials…

Often shortened as CAT (with capital letters, probably to avoid confusion with the furry alternative), Caterpillar Inc. is widely renowned for its heavy equipment vehicle creations. These, along with a multitude of related and side businesses, have propelled the company into Fortune 500. The fact that it is currently Earth’s biggest construction equipment manufacturer might also have an influence.

Now, if that doesn’t neatly tie in with the works and contributions of laborers throughout America that get recognized each year on Labor Day, we have no idea what could. Perhaps something that bodes “well” for automotive aficionados as well? Specifically, the fans that enjoy their Hot Rods at the drag strip.

Well, it turns out that Oscar Vargas, the pixel master behind the wb.artist20 account on social media had that line of thought during the extended weekend’s spare time. So, he proceeded to create something a bit controversial… though not far above the norm. Behold, there’s a very yellow CAT out there dwelling the imagination land.

And it’s a special backhoe loader. One that comes with a blown engine, dual towering exhaust pipes, huge wheels, and massively wide tires. Actually, the big wheels and chunky tires are nothing uncommon for a real backhoe loader. Only this time around, they were both smoothed out and turned into polished wonders along with groove-free competition rubber.

Considering that we are dealing with something that was done just for fun and will forever remain in the wishful thinking state, we are going to give it a smile and a hall pass. Hopefully, that’s all it gets and there’s no one crazy enough to get a Caterpillar stripped of its labor elements to try and become a quarter-mile king…