CGI Hyundai Santa Cruz SUV Return Flaunts Tuned Looks, Tucson Might Be Envious


Showing a major return to form for compact pickup trucks in North America, the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz even became the fastest-selling new car in August 2021 in the United States. So, getting the spotlight everywhere is becoming mandatory.

Virtual artists have taken notice of the Santa Cruz breakthrough from the very beginning and don’t seem to feel any new-model overload fatigue. Some even like to revisit their previous installments and add a few new details here and there, it seems.

Case in point, Nikita Chuicko, the digital creator behind the kelsonik account on social media and also the author for’s computer-generated automotive interpretations. Back in August, he presented us with the vision of an improbable (yet great-looking) 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz 7-seater SUV that would potentially spite both Ford Maverick and Bronco Sport fans at the same time.

Given that Hyundai has based its first-ever four-door pickup truck for the North American market on the unibody structure of the Tucson SUV, a Santa Cruz crossover is of course entirely wishful thinking. Even if the virtual artist imagined it as a complementary addition with seating for seven.

But when it comes to pixel masters, the imagination land is virtually limitless. So, if a Santa Cruz 7-seater SUV is not enough, perhaps the world might feel more appreciative of it… when tuned. As such, the CGI expert imagined a second version for his social media fans, and it follows the recipe of his “Shadow Line” transformations, even if we are not explicitly told so.

Frankly, while many will say the Tucson looks perfectly quirky as it does, this virtual Santa Cruz SUV might be the case of envy for the former if Hyundai considered making it real. No chances such a thing would happen, though, even if the subtly tuned Santa Cruz seen here looks so great. The laid-out attitude, combined with the smoked elements, as well as those hulking alloys might be to blame for that.