Cheerful Ferrari 458 Spider Probably Didn’t Need a Naughty YouTuber to Stand Out


Already in search of greener Prancing Horse pastures on the plains of automotive Valhalla, the Ferrari 458 Spider remains an attractive apparition, nonetheless. Especially when the convertible gets treated to mods and a brand ambassador.

Ferrari’s 458 Italia (Type F142) came to life as the mid-engine sports car destined to replace the cool F430 back in 2009. It has already been succeeded by the great 488 and the even greater F8, but not until it lived a short (half a decade) and very fruitful life.

During its time, the 458 was derived as the Speciale, Challenge, or Spider, among others. Naturally, those living in sunny areas of the world usually prefer the latter. And, just to make sure they will stand out in any crowd, the owners could also ask for help from the Florida-based Metro Group Miami. After all, they have the famous MetroWrapz as a division.

So, it’s only logical that we have a very colorful 458 Spider posing for the social media cameras. The design is certainly a sight to behold and will easily attract a lot of attention from onlookers. Just like the sound coming from the naturally-aspirated 4.5-liter V8 engine that is capable of churning out no less than 570 ps/562 hp.

Only that, somehow, the aftermarket outlet imagined the crazy wrap and the zero to 62 mph (100 kph) in 3.4 seconds, or the 199 mph (320 kph) top speed capabilities are not enough. So, they called for help and got a YouTube personality to assist with the promotion duties. It’s been a while since we have seen voluptuous ladies splashed on top of exotic supercars… but it seems that some never mature.

Anyways, at least Tiana Musarra is not an entirely shady Internet herald, as the socialite also doubles as one of FashionNova’s (a global fashion brand) ambassadors. Additionally, the short video embedded below got three facts entirely straight: a cheerful supercar, a beautiful driver, and the proper soundtrack.