Chery launches new generation hybrid motors


The Chinese automaker is in no hurry to reveal the details of this project. Although we know that the newest hybrid will be the first to test the Chery Tiggo 8 Plus PHEV crossover.

Chery has launched a new generation of hybrid powertrain. This information is shared by the publication Autoreview. Not much is known about this promising project.

Chery’s hybrids will receive a pair of front-wheel drive motors – one running on gasoline and the other on electric. Also, the Chinese minders have provided an additional electric motor on the rear axle.

The petrol and electric motors are linked by the new DHT transmission. She received 11 gears and nine operating modes at once. But the Chinese are in no hurry to reveal the technical subtleties. The traction battery is located under the floor of the SUV.

The first hybrid of the new generation will test the Chery Tiggo 8 Plus PHEV SUV, which will become the flagship of the Chery lineup. The pre-production version of the crossover debuted at the April motor show in Shanghai.

Cross will receive a 170-horsepower gasoline turbo engine with a liter and a half. Its thermal efficiency will be 41 percent. This figure is slightly higher than that of the naturally aspirated Toyota Prius – 40%. The total torque of the entire hybrid reaches 510 Nm. The cross will accelerate to hundreds in less than five seconds. And for every hundred run, the hybrid SUV will consume on average only 1.3 liters of fuel.

Chery Tiggo 8 Plus PHEV will go on sale in the domestic market in September. Closer to this date, the brand, most likely, will hold a detailed presentation of the novelty. Chery plans to create on the basis of the DHT transmission a diverse line of hybrid motors with different types of drive, as well as support for charging from a regular outlet. It is possible that the hybrid Tiggo 8 will reach Russia – the automaker will think about whether this can be done.

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