Chevrolet El Camino 454 SS Brings Big-Block Muscle in Retro Rendering


Not all Chevrolet El Caminos were created equal. For instance, while Gen III and Gen IV models built between the late 60s and the late 70s were muscle bruisers, their Malaise Era successor wasn’t as lucky, and the big-block deprivation was just the tip of the iceberg. Well, the rendering sitting before us is here to provide reparation.

As mentioned above, the Gen V El Camino lost the 454 ci (7.4L) big-block of its predecessor, and a 350 ci (5.7L) small-block producing 170 hp at best was its most potent motor.

However, the digital proposal parked on our screens, which features the revised front end introduced for the 1982 model year (it soldiered on until the final 1987 offering), gifts the coupe utility with the 454 SS treatment that Chevrolet introduced on the C1500 truck between 1990 and 1993.

To start with, this means the engine compartment now holds the 454 ci V8 that replaced the unit mentioned above, with the fuel-injected unit producing up to 255 hp. Naturally, we can also expect the 4-speed 4L80E four-speed automatic to have joined the party.

Next up, we can talk about upgrades that would put the handling on par with the said motivation, and these target the suspension and the steering.

Graphic designer Jim (a.k.a. jlord8), who is responsible for this bad boy, went for a complete conversion. And while we’ve already discussed the tech goodies fitted to the El Camino, we’ll move on to the visual bits.

To be more precise, the Golden Bowtie machine features the all-black appearance that was the only way to go for the first two model years of the C1500 454 SS. Of course, red badging is also present.

And the machine with the larger bed also donated its wheels, which seem to fit the styling of the smaller model like a glove.

Oh, and if you think this pixel conversion is wild, you should be prepared for what the real world has to offer. This 2,000-horsepower Gen V model, which can deliver 7s quarter-mile runs, is an example as good as any—you’ll find a few images of the TT beast in the gallery.