Chevrolet to simplify front end of controversial Silverado by 2022


Chevrolet designers inspect the front of the Silverado to get rid of the front vents.

GM Authority says the revamped pickup will get rid of a controversial design feature some have called a sideburn. The air vent, which almost surrounds the bumper and is located under the headlights, serves a functional purpose. In this regard, designers will have to work hard.

Air passing through the air vent creates a curtain on the sides of the vehicle. This makes it more aerodynamic and in turn improves fuel economy. However, Chevrolet will integrate the vents into the dash differently.

According to sources close to the manufacturer, the deflectors will move under the headlights and have a more square shape. This will mean that they are no longer high planks along the edges of the fascia.

The updated model will also receive new headlights to make the whole design more harmonious. The 2022 Silverado is expected to receive a redesigned rear end, new wheel designs and an updated dashboard. While the front has raised some surprise, the current Silverado design debuted in 2018, so the speed with which Chevrolet is upgrading it is a bit surprising.

However, this is not the first time Chevrolet has guessed a bold design choice. The company was also hesitant about the Camaro SS. The automaker revamped the front end of the sports car in 2019, before redesigning it again in 2020.

The Silverado’s modernization work can be a controversial issue. The company could face high tariffs if a US investigation reveals a labor violation at its Silao plant in Mexico, which makes trucks.