China launches first fully autonomous taxi in Beijing


Such passenger drones will do without driver-operators in the cabin. The robotaxi service was launched by Baidu, which is often called the Chinese Google.

Autonomous taxis have started to run at Shugang Park in Beijing. It is one of the venues for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. So next year, robotic taxis will start transporting the spectators of the Olympics. Baidu’s new Apollo Go Robotaxi service is a major step forward in unmanned technology.

It is also the first paid autonomous car service where users can get into a taxi without the intervention of a backup driver. It will be possible to order a trip using a special application on a smartphone.

To unblock a robotaxi who arrives at a call, you need to scan several QR codes to verify your identity and prevent a pandemic. After all the formalities have been met, the passenger only has to click on the “start travel” button.

Interestingly, the drone will not start moving if the doors are not closed and the seat belts are not fastened.

Yunpeng Wang, Baidu’s vice president and general manager of autonomous driving technologies, said that the launch of the project was preceded by a lot of preparatory work: “countless scalable tests without a driver in many cities for quite some time.” We will remind, earlier experts of Guidehouse – a global consulting giant – named Baidu one of the leading suppliers of autonomous driving in the world.

Meanwhile, it became known that Bentley’s debut electric car will be a crossover based on Artemis. The launch of the project is scheduled for 2025.