Choose Your Digital 1990s JDM “Poison” With R32 Godzilla and DC2 Honda Integra


While some automotive virtual artists seem to think “KDM is the new JDM,” other pixel masters remain entrenched in their traditional views. And even look back in time towards long-passed decades. Sometimes, it just takes a couple of entries to make sure everyone gets the point. Take the recent “Godzilla vs. Kong” blockbuster, for example. It may or may not serve as a revival of the 1962 Toho classic “King Kong vs. Godzilla,” but it certainly managed to establish a cool reputation for Legendary’s new MonsterVerse. Why the cinema derailment? Because we also have an automotive Godzilla fighting off (quite unwillingly, if we are to be frank) with another titan of the JDM car culture, in modernized form. Let us see this as the virtual automotive version of the silver screen blockbuster with the CGI traits coming courtesy of a couple of pixel masters. Musa Rio Tjahjono, the artist better known as musartwork on social media, is a regular provider of JDM heroes, both old, new, and renewed. He is also the Head Designer at the outrageously cool West Coast Customs, but when it comes to wishful thinking, he’s a Japanese car culture freak through and through. One of his latest white projects involves an apparition of the original car Godzilla: Nissan’s R32 Skyline GT-R. It has been updated for the current JDM tuning times, complete with a slammed attitude, a black/white contrasting widebody kit and aero bits and pieces, as well as polished chromed deep-dish wheels. In another corner of the imaginary automotive realm is Hugo Silva, the pixel master behind hugosilvadesigns. He is also no stranger to JDM creations, but his projects are a bit more inclusive and also feature lots of Euro or American apparitions. We brought his CGI idea into the fold because the R32 Skyline GT-R and the DC2 Honda Integra were quite the 1990s contemporaries. Sure, one might argue that a GT-R wipes the floor with an Integra, but this time around the latter has been thoroughly enhanced with a complete Time Attack makeover. Now, choose your JDM poison, and do not be overly sad that both are merely wishful thinking.