Chrysler To Go All-Electric by 2028, Airflow Concept Will Be First of Three EVs


Chrysler, a once-dominant American automaker owned by Stellantis, will only sell electric vehicles from 2028. The automaker made this bold announcement at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show. Chrysler is looking to reinvent itself as an all-electric auto brand in 6-years, beginning with a new crossover concept, the Chrysler Airflow. Stellantis is a multi-national conglomeration formed in 2021, when Fiat Chrysler merged with the French PSA Group. Chrysler’s Airflow crossover SUV has a similar profile to the Ford Mustang Mach E and Tesla Model Y. The vehicle unveiled at the 2022 CES in Las Vegas is a concept; however, it looks production-ready. According to Chrysler, they will begin the production of their first EV in 2025. Chrysler CEO Christine Feuell said the unveiled crossover will be the first of at least two or three EVs, including a minivan planned for 2028. She told CNBC that Chrysler sought to redefine and revitalize the dormant brand, forcing them to differentiate within the Stellantis portfolio and competition. Chrysler will be adding one new product per year once the first model launches, expanding the lineup until 2028. The Airflow serves as a preview of what the company seeks to offer. Apart from the regressive branding, it indicates the future direction for the century-old company. The Airflow name was first used in 1934 on a revolutionary, aerodynamic unibody construction but failed to pick up after consumers became reluctant. This time around, Chrysler was careful to use the nameplate on a crossover SUV with a 350-400 mile range capability. Jumping on the EV bandwagon should be a walk in the park for Chrysler. There’s not been much going on for the automaker apart from the Pacifica minivan and the 300 sedan. According to Feuell, the new direction Chrysler is following focuses on EVs, new technologies, user customization, and advanced design, areas in which car manufacturers are zeroing to attract a more tech-savvy market. The Airflow borrows some notable characteristics, like its large screens, with some of Stellantis’ recent products such as the Jeep Grand Wagoneer.