Classic limousine Mercedes Pullman for sale for $ 2.75 million


A refurbished classic Mercedes Pullman limousine is on sale for $ 2.75 million. It is made in the modern style of luxury cars from Mercedes-Maybach.

The car that will be discussed in this article was officially unveiled at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show and immediately made a splash. This is the Mercedes-Benz W100 by the Pullman 600, a limousine that represented the crown of luxury from the German brand in the 60s and 70s of the last century.

One of these special limousines, manufactured in 1975 for a Lebanese customer, with anthracite gray exterior paint and blue leather interior trim, is now sold in Europe by Mechatronik. The car costs 2.3 million euros.

Mercedes-Benz purchased the car in Malaga in 2007 and then began a very long and meticulous process of rebuilding it.

At the request of the customer, the car was completely disassembled for restoration to the factory condition. The first important step was the body, which was completely repainted at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Stuttgart. Likewise, the engine, gearbox and other key components were redesigned, and the chassis was refurbished.

The interior is unique and created especially for this Mercedes-Benz W100 Pullman with elements of modern Maybach cars. In this case, that means a glass roof that is complemented by modern features such as a touchscreen infotainment system. In addition, at the push of a button, the partition can separate the driver and rear seats. Front and rear cameras ensure that maneuvering the massive limousine is an easy task.

The seats are based on modern Maybach seats and are hydraulically adjustable. The rear seats house the original portable refrigerator, as well as folding tables and a container with champagne. The air conditioning system has also been redesigned to better cool the interior.