Clean-Slammed Widebody Chevy C10 Makes Digital Case for Vibrant Color Matching


Along with classic F-100 Blue Ovals, Chevy’s C/K model line is certainly among the most popular truck series for restomod enthusiasts. And it seems the GM creation has adepts both in the real and virtual worlds.

Anyone familiar with the sometimes crazy (but always cool) digital automotive projects stemming from under the CGI brush of Czech artist Rostislav Prokop probably noticed an interesting aspect. Just like many other craftsmen, he seemed to be going through a rather dark period of creation. Well, that seemed to change with the recent arrival of a spring-like yellow and partially widebody AMC Javelin.

Now the colorful turnaround is being honored with yet another vibrant creation. This time around he jumps away from the pony/muscle car realm into the equally popular world of trucks. By the looks of it, we are dealing here with a second-generation (1967-1972 model years) representative of Chevy’s C/K series (aka Action Line).

This iteration’s alternate name is timely honored with a modified C10 that seems ready to also go through a real-world restomod process. But with a twist, of course. So, as far as modern credentials are concerned, the classic C10 feels ready to virtually tick all the right aftermarket boxes. It’s slammed as close to the ground as possible without looking impractical for actual city driving.

It also wears a neat aerodynamic kit, complete with some widebody elements – most notably the beefy fender flares. The unknown engine (probably a traditional LS swap) should be ready to breathe fire and brimstone through the truck’s chromed side exhaust, and there’s more around the back – complete with cool POVs.

If our own two cents are allowed, the major appeal for this C10 resides in the audacity to color-match some key elements. So, the mirrors – as a subtle example – have the same contrasting-black look as the front bumper lip and rear spoiler. Then, a little more obvious are the equally colorful aftermarket wheels along with the bed’s roll cage and cover. Neat, right?