Concept-E Motorcycle Rocks the Minimalist Look, Is an Elegant Electric Scrambler


It seems like every motorcycle maker is transitioning towards an electric future (heck, even Harley is testing the watt route). Now, French manufacturer DAB Motorcycles also has its plan set in motion to enter the electric motorcycle game with its first model: the Concept-E.

DAB Motors has so far relied on minimalist scrambler models, which the customer can largely configure himself from an extensive range of options. Now, the French brand is ready to take the electric path.

Teased a few months ago (although you had to squint your eyes to see some of its features), the bike’s design incorporates two essential dynamics: horizontal lines that give it a minimalist appearance and oblique lines that maintain DAB Motors’ distinctive” flying back” form, providing the sensation of speed and lightness at the rear of the motorcycle.

To neatly integrate the cables into the frame, engineers examined the assembly of the materials for the swingarm and dashboard. The Concept-E is equipped with a 10kW motor and a 51.8V Li-ion battery. It’s the legal equivalent of a 125cc motorcycle and can be operated after a few hours of training.

According to the manufacturer, it also doesn’t create much noise. Combined with powerful instant torque, it takes you through the streets on an almost silent ride.

To maximize power and minimize noise, the bike is running on aluminum machined pulleys. In terms of range, we don’t get much information from DAB. What we do know is that Concept-E features durable, quality components such as the Gates belt drive, Öhlins suspensions and Beringer CNC aluminum brakes.

For the saddle, a highly resistant textile usually found in yacht sails and technical clothing was used. Tech-wise, an LED speedometer is placed into the triple trees and can project all the information onto the bodywork.

Currently, Concept-E is just that: a concept, one that can be fully taken on a ride. For now, we can only hope that it will soon turn into a full-fledged product.