Concorde’s 40-Year Anniversary Carver Land Yacht Shows What Near $400K Can Buy


Since 1981, Concorde has been one of those motorhome teams that’s made a name for themselves by offering customers capable motorhomes. But it wasn’t until 1997 that Concorde really began making a name for themselves with the appearance of the Concept and Charisma Class-C motorhomes.

Starting with 2013, on the other hand, Concorde began developing another sector of RV manufacturing, land yachts. A few years down the line, and this crew now has an Anniversary Carver land yacht that’s decked out to the brim in style, luxury, and comfort.

The only downside is that it’s going to run you a whopping €310,535 ($362,842 at current exchange rates) if you leave it equipped with what Concorde feels are the most optimum features for taking your lifestyle to the next level. Not to mention the fact that you can add even more options on top of the already present features. So, the price will rise from here for sure. Normally, a stripped-down version of the Anniversary Carver starts at €225,250 ($263,192 at current exchange rates), so still a considerable amount for most of the population.

Now, vehicles like these, and for the prices they run for, are so equipped that the time offered by just one article can never be enough, unless it’s one of those 4,000-word suckers. But a few important features worth knowing will still be presented today, one of which is this vehicle’s build.

An important part of the Carver’s construction lies in its thermal separation build with polyurethane bearings. Double seals, one on the exterior and one hollow chamber seal inside, prevent freezing by condensation, while an anodized aluminum profile reduces corrosion and offers a lightweight build.

Just as important is the heated double floor also acts as a massive storage area and can be accesses by large flaps with 180-degree swivel action. Since builds like this are considerably heavy and tend to have several exposed components, Concorde chose to add underride protection that helps protect radiator, engine, and ancillary units in the event of a crash or accident.

Countless other systems like water, electrical, and plumbing, are all available, some of which do things very few folks see in an average RV. One feature is that of an electric drain valve that’s operated directly from the cab and requires nothing but the push of a button to empty waste tanks.

As for the interior of the yacht, what can I say. To make things as simple as I can, I can say that the moment I saw the interior was also the moment when I realized I need to bring this vessel to your attention. Just look at it! Everything from the leather furnishings to the anniversary stitching and embroidery work, are not found in any other Concorde model.

At the very rear of the Carver, bedding spans the entire width of the vehicle and sits neatly above a storage compartment that can be accessed from outside the motorhome. Towards the front, a bathroom, again, just like the bedroom, spanning the entire width of the Carver.

A large, luxurious booth shower and toilet are housed on one side, while the other side offers a vanity with sink and faucet and lateral wardrobes/storage. The bathroom is, however, separated by two sets of doors, one at the entrance to the bedroom, and one at the entrance into the living space. This allows guests to use facilities without disturbing any sleeping beauties.

Continuing forward, a large kitchen with residential-sized features makes my own home’s kitchen seem like it’s in need of some remodeling. Just look at everything! Clean-cut lines, rounded corners, and a smart use of lighting balance tones set by wood, composites, and semiprecious metals; now I get why they call it a land yacht.

Finally, the forward dinette features a large table and seating all around the area inclusive on and L-shaped booth. The driver and passenger, too, can turn their chairs around and join the meal. Once everyone is ready for bed, guests can get some shut eye here as well. Overhead storage is also plentiful throughout the entire build.

Listen, no one is saying you have to buy something like this, but it can definitely act as some inspiration to would-be motorhome and RV owners. What’s your opinion on what you’ve just seen?