Conor McGregor on a Training Bike Looks Like a Tiger With an Exciting Toy


Despite having to undergo surgery and get a titanium rod inserted in his leg, Conor McGregor was optimistic at the time of the injury and seems to have recovered well so far, even if it’s only been a couple of months. Fans of the Irish fighter are used to seeing him show off his luxurious possessions, like the white Rolls-Royce Dawn, or the $3.5 million Lamborghini Tecnomar 63 yacht, but this time, he shared with them a different kind of toy.

We have to admit, McGregor posing on a training bike is just not as striking as him in a luxury vehicle. But, at least there’s a meaning behind it, showing that he’s doing well and staying in shape. Indoor training bikes are a great tool for that, whether they’re used by professional athletes or anyone who wants to stay active.

Wattbike is a brand that specialized in training bikes, and the version that’s featured by McGregor, the Nucleus, is presented as a powerful trainer, with advanced technology. A performance touchscreen with workouts, tests and an interval builder, high resistance, and “real ride feel” technology are some of the main features of the Wattbike Nucleus.

Customizable and adjustable, this training bike promises high-level data accuracy for a complex performance feedback, and it goes for £2,799 ($3,870).

Apart from flexing on social media, the former UFC champion is known for his intense training sessions. His training app, called the McGregor FAST, is based on the original, highly-demanding program that was designed specifically for him, and it’s supposed to help athletes “train exactly like Conor”.

What matters is that McGregor literally got back in the saddle and that he’ll be as good as new in no time.