Cool off while you wait in Tesla’s Supercharger swimming pool


A while-you-wait swimming pool has been deployed at a Tesla Supercharger station for electric car owners. BYO swimsuit.

Tom Fraser


Tesla has installed a temporary pool alongside one of its Supercharger locations, as the company begins to provide more amenities to its charging stations.

The pool is located in Hilden, Germany, targeted at electric car owners keen on a quick dip while they wait for their car to charge on the array of 250kW DC sockets.

It’s a pointed deployment, with the location experiencing regular 30-degree-plus temperatures through a hot summer.

The pool is also fully heated, using solar power for the times when it isn’t so hot.

It’s not strictly locked to Tesla owners either – the charging station was one of the first in Europe to open to non-Tesla customers.

The site can cater to electric cars with CCS charging ports – used by the vast majority of electric cars – up to 250kW, while CHAdeMO chargers – common among Japanese plug-in hybrid and electric cars – are also available, with 50kW charging rates.

It isn’t the largest (or most glamorous) pool; it’s said to only cater to four people at a time, for up to 10 minutes. However, that short stop is more than enough to gain hundreds of kilometres of range.

Tesla has even provided branded beach balls to play with, should the Germans feel so inclined.

As shown in the photos, the pool looks to be made from a repurposed shipping container which appears to be portable.

There’s no information on whether Tesla will move the pool to other locations throughout Germany just yet, or whether the idea will be introduced in other countries, but for now this trial pool is only open for the rest of August.

Tesla is looking at new ways to keep car owners occupied while charging their car, such as installing restaurants and drive-in cinemas. This comes as the company looks to further unlock the Supercharging network to non-Tesla customers worldwide.

For the time being, the electric-car maker is also installing cube lounges with tea and coffee facilities, for owners looking to stretch their legs while they wait at charging stations. This specific charging location is serviced by the Seed & Greet restaurant for owners after a more substantial meal.

According to signage, the new Tesla Super Pool opens this Thursday, August 4 and will run until August 28.

Tom Fraser

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