CR1 Camaro: A Classic Recreations Hot Build That Can Unleash Mayhem on the Road


On those premises, the guys at Classic Recreations (CR) decided to bring back the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro in the modern era, using their tried-and-tested recipe and conceiving a master retro-build of an American motoring icon. Huge power figures from a choice of LS powerplants, pro-touring exterior design language featuring custom bodywork, and state-of-art technology for the 21st century, the CR1 Camaro positions itself as one of the most compelling tributes to the original ’69 model.

The CR1 Camaro comes with a wide range of engines, starting with a “meager” 430 hp LS3, moving up to the GM Performance LS7 good for 505 hp, or the full-on powerhouse represented by the LS9 option, developing 685 hp. For a V8 soundtrack to remember, CR fitted their Camaro with a 2.5-inch mandrel-bent exhaust system featuring stainless Works long tube headers and Magnaflow mufflers. These vicious firebreathers can be coupled either with a Tremec six-speed manual gearbox or an automatic alternative, depending on the level of involvement one seeks to reach when taming such a beast.

The exterior design that Classic Recreations applied to their CR1 Camaro project is unique, functional, and stylish. The aggressive CR Supercar front fascia can be the source of many unsuspecting heart attacks. Furthermore, PIAA driving lights intend to blend flawlessly menacing looks with excellent illumination performance in the dark. Not least, the Eddie Motorsport billet accents and CR Supercars rear spoiler assembly complement perfectly the racing heritage of this vehicle, while the exterior striping finishes off the fascinating muscular body appearance.

The stylish signature approach continues on with the massive matte black Forgeline 18-inch wheels that are intended to do wonders on the track when coupled with the BF Goodrich Rival tires, 275/35/18 section in the front, and 335/30/18 rear. Hidden beneath all these goodies are the 6-piston front and 4-piston rear Wilwood calipers, accompanied by slotted, cross-drilled, and vented rotors and an adjustable rear proportioning valve, all of them ready to be deployed when the raging beast needs to stop on short notice.

Helping the CR1 Camaro stay on the right track when driven ferociously is the coil-over suspension and chassis upgrades signed by Chris Alston’s Chassisworks, which even provides an eight-point roll cage painted to match the exterior color of the vehicle.

The story continues on the inside, where CR produced a luxurious and high-tech environment while still maintaining a classic atmosphere for a completely untarnished experience behind the steering wheel. The attention to detail is outstanding, from the Sparco leather-wrapped racing seats to the CR1 custom gauges and Classic Instruments dash cluster. Moreover, the floor mats can be color-matched to the exterior, and optionally one can spec the car with Shelby gauges or a Safelink theft recovery system.

For an extra $12,500, CR can even do a full right-hand-drive conversion, enabling the CR1 Camaro experience to be savored at its utmost in any part of the world with no constraints. In the unlikely case that the driver gets bored by the unfiltered soundtrack of the LS GM Performance powerhouses, there is also a Kicker sound system available. It features 4-channel amplification and an optional custom subwoofer, ready to blast through his favorite songs while dancing with the accelerator pedal.

The starting prince of such an exquisite build sits at the $164,900 mark, but could very well reach $200k considering all the available options. Indeed, we are talking serious money when looking at this proposition, but it can offer an experience that is definitely one-of-a-kind. A vehicle that respects a traditional design language but underneath is as modern as any other new performance machine straight out of the production line.