Crimson BMW M3 Touring Looks Ready to Keep Us Posh yet Unofficial Company


Some virtual artists’ work is easy to spot from miles away. Other automotive pixel masters are so subtle that one needs to be constantly reminded that it’s just wishful thinking. Especially when an upcoming model gets an accurate CGI depiction.

White-and-blue aficionados know very well that BMW fully intends to make the current M3/M4 generation a very happy and extensive high-performance family. Already, there’s a G80 M3 sedan dwelling out there, as well as a couple of M4 counterparts – the G82 two-door coupe and G83 convertible.

It’s easy to notice the G81 internal code is still missing in action. But fret not, because that’s going to be rectified with the introduction of the M3 Touring… sometime. Right now, it’s anyone’s guess when that is going to happen. For what it’s worth, BMW’s incessant teasing and the constant stream of spy shots hint that it’s more than ready for prime time.

Of course, that hasn’t escaped the loving/praying eye of the virtual artist scene. And while some pixel masters just give us one POV and call it a day, the CGI expert behind the sugardesign_1 account on social media seems hooked on the G81 BMW M3 Touring more than ever before. Going by Sugar Chow in real life, this is one digital expert that’s truly focused on “Touring the world!”

Naturally, that bodes extremely well for his currently escalating M3 obsession. So, after imagining the M4 Coupe as a Shooting Brake and even setting up a friendly neighborhood encounter between his digital visions of the M4 Shooting Brake and the G81 M3 Touring, he’s back with more beauty shots of the latter. In a posh garden setting, of course.

As always, his work is as close as possible to reality – even though this time around the M3 Touring hasn’t escaped the full camouflage attire just yet. So, for now, it’s just a digital substitute for the real thing to help us cope with the long wait.