Cristiano Ronaldo’s Driver Fails to Fuel Up Star’s Bentley After Waiting for Seven Hours


The UK is dealing with one of the biggest fuel crises in history, and celebrities, despite their money, don’t get any special treatment.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who owns several supercars, might end up having to use the opportunity to walk his way to training and games on foot and count it as workouts if the crisis doesn’t end up soon.

The famous soccer player made his second debut with the Premier League team earlier this month after closing a €20 million ($23.6 million) deal with his former sports team. He took advantage of the first training days to establish dominance showing up in a Lamborghini Urus worth £160,000 ($220,000).

Now, Ronaldo might find himself out of fuel, as his driver waited nearly seven hours at a Shell to fill up his newly-purchased £164,000 ($221,000) Bentley Flying Spur. The star drove the car to the training session just a few days ago, but now it needs refueling.

After pulling up at 2:20 pm on Tuesday, September 28, his driver waited for six hours and 40 minutes before finally leaving, Mirror reports. The driver also had one of Ronaldo’s bodyguards driving behind him in a Range Rover.

Ronaldo bought the car recently, and he will certainly have a great time driving it once the fuel becomes available. Bentley’s top goal when creating the Flying Spur was to offer top luxury with supercar performance. So Bentley installed the new W12-engine with a 6.0-liters displacement aided by twin-turbos, which results in 626 hp and 664 lb-ft (900 Nm) of torque.

It comes with an acceleration from 0 to 62 mph (0-100 kph) in only 3.8 seconds (3.7 sec from 0 to 60 mph/ 96 kph) and a 207 mph (333 kph) top speed, giving Ronaldo the thrill he enjoys when driving.

His love for speed and luxury made the Portuguese soccer player drop nice sums to own collectible cars. In his impressive collection, he paid £1.4 million ($1.93 million) for a Ferrari Monza, £2.15 million ($2.96 million) for a Bugatti Chiron, and £1.7 million ($2.3 million) for a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport.

Ronaldo might have to put the Bentley in the garage for a while, but we’re sure his other impressive cars can help out the soccer player if he has fuel in them.

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