Custom Chevy Caprice Should Come With a Warning Label, ’Cause It Looks Addictive


Normally we’re not fans of big wheels on cars, especially a classic like this third-gen Chevrolet Caprice, but there’s something very cool about the overall looks of it that we cannot ignore.

Born a little too late to be called a donk, as the word sums up its predecessor and the Impala made from 1971 to 1976, this custom sedan became the focus of the camera lens recently as it left the shop for a wash and quick drive.

The car is said to have been modified and painted by a Griffin, GA, company. The pearl white paint finish is contrasted by the burgundy top and shiny metal trim. It has aftermarket headlights with integrated DRLs, custom grille, and proudly displays its name on the trunk lid.

In terms of design, the highlight of the build is a set of 26-inch wheels that spin around the drilled brake discs. The pattern of the alloys has been replicated inside for the steering wheel, and the whole cockpit has been reupholstered in burgundy. A modern infotainment system is part of the makeover, and the vehicle can get the party started anywhere thanks to a high-end audio.

Now, you may have noticed that we said something about the high-performance brakes, so that alone should be enough to make any petrolhead think about other possible technical mods. In this instance, they help stop the tuned Caprice quicker than the stock ones, and were a necessary addition to go with the new engine.

The firepower is said to be supplied by a Chevy small-block V8, a 383 Stroker to be more precise. It normally puts down between 330 and almost 400 horsepower, depending on the specification, though it can cope with much more than that, so this Caprice isn’t only pretty to look at, but also fast.