Custom Grey Pearl 1975 Pontiac Grand Ville Has Comfy Charger Seats and Hi-Riser 28s


Everyone laying eyes on this final model year Pontiac Grand Ville might be tempted to call it a “donk.” But just to appease the purists, who traditionally only have eyes for the fifth generation Chevy Impala, let’s just settle on calling it a very cool Hi-riser.

Between 1971 and 1975, the flagship-grade for the Pontiac lineup became the Grand Ville, sitting in the range above the Bonneville – which had served as king of the trim hill since 1958. While for some it might seem like an odd choice for a Hi-riser, the truth is this custom example fits the bill a lot better than others.

For starters, it’s a full-size model. And this Convertible makes for an even better “skyscraper” because its long hood clearly exaggerates the swaggering appearance. Naturally, a suspension lift kit must have been installed previously – the videographer behind the WhipAddict account on YouTube mentions this is not the first time he films this car, and he only arrived for an update on the latest progress.

Right now, the ‘75 Grand Ville Vert has been redressed with the owner’s custom paint formula. The result of the professional’s work is a kind of grey pearl that was mixed with inflections of red and green. It’s decidedly subtle for this typically ultra-customized sector of the aftermarket world, but the rest of the details do compensate and help it stand out in the “donk” crowd.

Of course, it’s easy to see why it attracts attention. The squatted Grand Ville rides on brushed 28-inch Amani Forged wheels and also comes with a crimson interior to make sure there’s a splashy contrast between the cockpit and the subtle body paintjob. Inside, there are all sorts of creature comforts, from the matching Amani steering wheel to the full swap of the older seats with front and back units taken from the Dodge Charger.

The audio system is also fully customized, but we’re more intrigued by what hides underneath the long hood. It’s anyone’s guess what type of motor resides in there, but at least we know it packs a Holley Sniper EFI and sounds absolutely rad during the cruising segment of the video (embedded below), which kicks off at the 7:20 mark.