Custom Red 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Is a Perfect Split Window, And You Just Missed It


No matter what generation Corvette we’re talking about, America’s sports car has something to offer for all sorts of fans. Few of its incarnations though are as globally appealing as the split window.

The wicked and unique design came to be from the mind of Bill Mitchell, GM’s head of styling at the time when the car was in the works. The main idea behind this way of envisioning a vehicle was to have the center line on the front hood continue all the way to the back. Not exactly something people would cherish when it comes to visibility, but definitely something that looks incredible when seen from the outside.

This way of shaping a Corvette was a hit back in the day, but it seems people appreciate this design even more today. We’re sure of that judging by the number of restored and customized split windows that keep coming our way.

The 1963 one you’re looking at now is a most recent such revival. Put together by specialist Jeff Hayes, it was completed in March this year, which means it is practically brand new. The bad news is that, at least for a while, the car is off-limits, as it just sold during the Barrett-Jackson auction in Houston, Texas, earlier this month, for no less than $396,000.

The Corvette follows the usual Hayes customization path, being wrapped all over in shiny red, offset here and there by even shinier chrome. Under the hood sits an LS3 engine running an automatic transmission and rated at 540 horsepower. The engine sends its power to Schott Mach 5 wheels wearing red line tires, and in between the wheels and the bodywork there’s an Art Morrison sport chassis with front and rear sway bars.

Inside, the ‘Vette offers distressed leather that gives the machine a vintage look, but also more modern amenities like AM/FM Bluetooth stereo and power windows.

As said, this build is virtually new, meaning the sum it sold for earlier this month set a very high bar for the next people who will try to buy it. And they will, make no mistake about it.