Custom Victory Gunner Flaunts Red Hammer Paint for All Harley Fans to See and Hate


With all this talk about Harley-Davidson and Indian, and with their continuing battle for supremacy, it’s easy to forget there are other bike makers out there, some that, in another Universe, might have had a better chance at succeeding. Like, say, Victory Motorcycles.

Created by Polaris, the same guys who now own Indian, but before they actually owned Indian, Victory was around for about 18 years before it stopped making motorcycles. Quite a short time, considering the century of existence for the others, but enough for some custom shops to take a liking to the brand and create dedicated families for it.

Germany-based Hollister’s Motorcycles is one of those who liked Victory bikes enough to transform them into something better. Over the years, the garage’s lineup of Victories (is that how we call them?) grew to about 20 different models, each designed in a unique way and targeting a different type of customer.

The first (as in the oldest one made) in this rather large bunch is the Red Hammer, based on a Victory Gunner. Hollister’s modified it using the usual complement of custom bits, and wrapped it in what is one of the most attractive shades of red we’ve seen on a two-wheeler in a very long time, and definitely different that from people use for some Harleys.

Powered by the Victory 106 engine, the motorcycle still uses a long list of factory-made parts, from the handlebars up front to the fuel tank and pulley. Hollister’s contributed the rear fender, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde is responsible for supplying the exhaust system, and an unknown talented hand is to blame for the pain scheme applied on the body (red) and other components (black).

This build is unique, but the shop could probably replicate it on any Gunner. This particular machine is still listed on the Hollister’s shop with a price tag of 29,500 euros (about $34,700 at today’s exchange rates), which is about three times as much as the Gunner’s MSRP back in its day.