Custom “Zanzibar Brown” Scott Addict Gravel Bike Is Perfect From One End to the Other


Social media might recognize him as “Dangerholm”, which is his username for his Instagram and YouTube accounts. But behind this alias, we have Gustav Gullholm, a 30-something-old guy from Mora, Norway, who’s a true wizard in his bike shop. Assisted by his famous Mora knife, one of his most used tools, he mercilessly scrapes the paint off new bike frames, because every ounce counts. But this is just a step in creating a one-of-a-kind bike, and he obsesses over every little detail and component.

His creative mind and building skills gave birth to some of the most beautiful and light custom two-wheelers ever built. Now he just finished his latest masterpiece, a custom Scott Addict Gravel. This was a more challenging project for him, as he’s mostly built mountain bikes up until now and Scott’s bike was the first one in his “gravel” portfolio.

The final result is this stunningly good-looking gravel and adventure bike with a total weight of 15.7 pounds (7.13 kg), pedals included. Dangerholm admits he was initially aiming for a 15-pound wheeler (6.8 kg), including the pedals, but he realized it’s worth sacrificing a few ounces to get a more responsive, performance-focused bike, even though it is slightly heavier. The extra ounces were added by heavier high-profile rims, proper tires, proper bar tape.

Dangerholm’s custom Addict Gravel has a raw carbon look to it, which is not only eye-catching but also a very practical type of finish. As usual, the job was done with the help of its reliable knife, which did most of the paint removal. But Dangerholm also added a beautiful contrast afterward, painting the bike in a Zanzibar Brown, a commonly seen color in Range Rovers and Audi cars.

His build was based on the most premium Addict Gravel bike from Scott, the Tuned variant, which features an HMX carbon frame, valued for its low weight but great stiffness.

The Addict Gravel is equipped with a Creston iC SL X Carbon combo for which Syncros and Scott integrated the frameset and handlebar as one system. This one-piece stem helps tremendously with the aesthetics of the bike, by hiding all the cables internally.

Dangerholm’s custom gravel bike features an SRAM Force left side lever and SRAM Red right side shifter that were both stripped to raw carbon to match the frame.

Wanting to run a 12-speed wide-range cassette on the Addict Gravel, which is tricky to do when your shifter is made for 11 speeds, the builder used Ratio Technology’s conversion kits. They allow you to convert 10 or 11-speed road shifters into 12-speed and also convert the SRAM Eagle MTB derailleur to work with them. He had to replace the 10 clicks (11-speed) stock ratchet already sitting inside the shifter with 11 clicks (12-speed) one.

For the drivetrain, Dangerholm used a reliable Garbaruk chainring with a tall teeth profile to make sure it doesn’t drop the chain. The bike features a set of raw carbon SRAM Red crank arms (175mm) in the front, which only weigh 335 grams (11.8 ounces), and a CeramicSpeed PF41 DUB bottom bracket. It is also equipped with a Rotor 11-46T cassette and an SRAM X01 Eagle chain.

The 3D-printed titanium pedals on the custom Addict Gravel are also a thing of beauty. They are made by the German company Titanium, are ultralight, and these particular ones are a pre-production set.

Dangerholm’s bike features a Schmolke Carbon SL79 saddle that weighs 2.7 ounces (79 grams) and Radsporttechnik Müller MGRX45, high profile rims.

All in all, the custom-built Zanzibar Brown beauty is a fun and fast bike to ride, and nothing about it indicates that this is Dangerholm’s first gravel bike project.