Cutesy Widebody Nissan Micra Comes From a CGI World of Legal DTM Pocket Rockets


Five generations have passed since Nissan has been producing the Micra supermini – aka March at home in Japan and a bunch of other markets. Even after almost four decades, it’s not something to write home about. Sure, just like any other B-segment city car, Nissan’s Micra is incredibly useful when it comes to tight parking spaces and crowded urban landscapes. Yet it was only after the 2016 arrival of the K14 fifth-generation Micra that Nissan started distancing itself from the rather feminine design of most predecessors. But what happens with owners of older Micras that still want to get a lot of respect from onlookers when emerging from inside the Japanese city dweller? Well, if they do not mind associating a dark burgundy shade with an outrageous widebody aerodynamic kit, and a slammed atmosphere, there is a simple solution. Albeit, at the moment, it’s a virtual one. As such, it may forever remain just wishful thinking. Still, perhaps someone will notice Czech-based virtual artist Rostislav Prokop’s latest CGI creation for 2021 and make it a New Year’s build resolution. After all, the pixel master better known as rostislav_prokop on social media just took a break from vintage-cool American icons to deliver this cutesy, tiny vision. Naturally, even his reinterpretation of the puny Nissan Micra has all the larger-than-life traits we have become accustomed to from his previous works. As such, the dark cherry shade bodes well for the usually feminine image of a Nissan Micra, especially since this is a fourth-generation version. Then it’s all about getting it up to pocket rocket snuff. With a twist. One leaning toward making it a DTM-inspired road-legal special edition. Complete with all the usual suspects: excessive widening, a laid-out suspension system to make it an “ant-shaver” device of some sort, as well as the custom wheel aftermarket stance. No word on what powers the little red beast, but if we are allowed to dream, perhaps a Nismo GT-R mid-engine swap would be in order. That way, it could spite any Renault Clio V6 Renault Sports still out there.