CyberKAT Promises To Help Blow the Snow, Plants Cybertruck Thoughts in Your Mind


The Tesla Cybertruck is nowhere to be seen but its weird design has already inspired lots of objects, starting with Tesla’s Cyberquad. Bearing a similar signature name that means practically nothing, the CyberKAT wants to be your winter toy. Its maker promises to further develop the thing into a more useful snow blower, but we can see how this might become a problem. The winter and the missing Cybertruck prove to be a crazy combination that sets people into creative mode. Ryan Butler from the Spyker Workshop startup took the Cybertruck inspiration (and its name) and developed a tracked vehicle that does almost nothing except resemble the Tesla’s Cybertruck. It’s a remote-controlled electric snowcat you can play with in the snow and it sure looks like it will handle a few inches of the white blanket, unlike some other drones that got stuck in the snow in Estonia. The CyberKAT is not quite small, being 29 inches (73.7 cm) long and 19 inches (48.3 cm) wide. It also has a ground clearance of 4.25 inches (10,8 cm), but what helps it the most in the snow are the wide tracks. As you can see in the video below, it has no problem whatsoever in gliding and maneuvering in the snow, especially as it carries the heft of the four 12-volt lead-acid batteries. Of course, Spyker Workshop could offer Li-Ion batteries too, but they will not help with the weight and also perform poorly in the cold. While not very useful at the moment, the CyberKAT features a trailer hitch designed to attach different accessories. Among them, there’s the CyBlower, a future snow blower that is under development by the company. This is interesting, but we’ve already seen a snowblower that does that out of the box automatically. Kind of like a Roomba, except for the snow. In its simpler RC-toy form, the CyberKAT will ship to its first owners in a month or two. Don’t expect it to be cheap though, with the prices being as high as $1,499 depending on the configuration. After all, a Tesla Cybertruck is not cheap either.