Dangerous games at night being played by kids


With the overturning of the acquittal of Sam Ke Ting in the ‘basikal lajak’ case in Johor, it seems that young children may now believe that they are protected by the law even if their action of dangerous and irresponsible. They now feel emboldened to play on roads and not only inconvenience other road-users but also put themselves and others in danger. This 19-second video posted by Facebook user Che Kumar recently shows a group of children along a narrow road said to be in the Taman Anggerik area in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. The video shows them purposely lying on the roadside as a car approaches, and because the area is not well lit, the driver might only see them at the last moment. They take positions lying down right next to the path of the car and just after it passes, one boy rolls across the road, perhaps to give the impression that he had been hit. Had the driver been shocked or confused by such a strange situation, he or she might have lost control of the car in panic and then an accident would have occurred. Source: FB Che Kumar Hopefully, the police (who are quick to notice videos on social media) will take action before someone does get hurt and an innocent motorist might be jailed even though he may not be aware that such ‘games’ are played in the area at night. Still considered guilty even after two acquittals in ‘basikal lajak’ case? The post Dangerous games at night being played by kids appeared first on News and reviews on Malaysian cars, motorcycles and automotive lifestyle.  » Read More