Dario Franchitti Drives Gordon Murray’s T.50 Hypercar XP4 Prototype


During the development stages of the McLaren F1, very little video was recorded. That’s not the case with its creator’s upcoming hypercar, the T.50. We’ve been getting videos of the entire process, from design all the way to powertrain testing.

Last week we reported on the first drive of the test mule named George. During that video, Franchitti, a racing driver and team member at GMA, remarked about how excited he was to drive the actual T.50 XP prototype.

Well, today, we get footage of that test and even a little more. The testing takes place at Millbrook and the Gordon Murray Automotive testing facility. Unlike the previous video, we don’t get full-throttle sounds piped in from the speakers straight away.

GMA wants us to appreciate what the T.50 looks like in motion for a little bit before we start to hear it move around the track. We even get a few shots of Murray himself looking on as the T.50 passes him. It’s a beautiful moment.

Then the track action starts as we see Franchitti mashing the throttle over and over again while data engineers sit on each side of him. They’re recording vital information about fueling, timing, and how the engine is reacting.

Upon returning to the garage, we hear Gordon joke about the car from the previous vlog saying, “it’s (the T.50 XP4) a bit more sophisticated than that,” referring to George, the Ultima with a T.50 drivetrain.

Franchitti can’t even appreciate the joke because he’s blown away by the center seating position. “It just feels right… you just think.. why did nobody do this? Everything else feels like a compromise…”

He sits there looking around and mentions something we can all appreciate… “I’m just thinking about bits and pieces and how to make it better,” he says. Even in this late stage of development, the company is still trying to improve the car.

Before signing off, we get two special treats. First, we get the chance to hear the start-up one more time. It sounds like nothing else we’ve heard before. Then, before fading to black, we see three T.50 prototypes driving together.

This company is close to rewriting the history books once again.