Data Shows Young Drivers Get Most Benefits From Crash Avoidance Technology


The HLDI found that drivers aged 25 years and under get the most benefits from systems as those described above after analyzing collision frequency and property damage liability claims.

There are also drops in claim frequencies for drivers aged over 65 years. The Honda crash avoidance features analyzed brought the same benefit both for drivers aged under 25 and for those in the 25 to 65 years old bracket.

It is important to point out that the young drivers referred to in the study had the smallest data samples, which could have an impact on the results. Also, researchers cannot know how the different age groups used the optional safety systems offered in those cars, and the data does not show if the systems were active before the recorded accidents and if other factors contributed to the crash.

The institute divided its research by analyzing three separate studies, which focused on Honda, Kia, and Subaru vehicles. The bulletin focused on the impact of Subaru’s collision avoidance features was dated December 2019, while the ones for the Honda and Kia brands were dated April 2021, but the latter two also consider previous studies on the matter.

The analysis was focused on these brands because the selected brands and models had the presence of optional crash avoidance features discernible from the trim level or VIN, which was then confronted with data regarding the same models but without the optional systems. From there, researchers cross-checked the information with insurance data.

Three separate research bulletins were made, one for each brand. The one focused on the Honda brand only analyzed data regarding the 2013-2015 Honda Accord. The bulletin focused on Kia models only featured the 2017-2019 Sportage.

Meanwhile, the bulletin that was concentrated on Subaru vehicles analyzed data for vehicles of the 2013 to 2018 model years, which include the Outback, WRX, XV Crosstrek, Impreza, Legacy, and Forester.

The findings of the HLDI should not surprise anyone, as cars have become safer and safer in previous years. As long as you use the built-in safety equipment and any optional tech your vehicle might have, along with driving following local laws and apply common sense to that, you should be fine.