Datsun Truck “Godzilla” Digitally Gains GT-R Design for Widebody Look


Now that we’re about a month away from the unveiling of the next-generation Nissan Z production—the prototype has sent our expectations through the roof—we can turn our attention back to the other athlete in the Japanese carmaker’s range, namely the GT-R. And despite the recent rumors of the supercar hunter’s demise, we don’t expect Nissan to simply lock the iconic badge away. However, with the carmaker still being tight-lipped, the GT-R community shows how the Godzilla heritage can be expanded to other models, such as the Datsun truck in this rendering.

It all started with a 620-series Datsun truck, a model built between 1972 and 1979—this is part of a family of bed machines that survived for decades (it moved under the Nissan brand in 1983), before being replaced by the original Frontier/Navara in 1997.

Some of you might be experiencing a bit of deja vu right now since we discussed a previous iteration of the project last month. And you know a badge has turned into a fetish when a digital artist renders an insane contraption related to it—in this case, the original GT-R-ized Datsun truck comes from Al Yasid—and another pixel master takes the pixel work even further, as MalonyxMedia has done here.

The outgoing R35 GT-R’s front end styling DNA is immediately visible on the remastered truck, hence the nickname we chose for the title, while the custom LED lights bring a futuristic edge.

Compared to the previous version of the project, the toy we have here has an even more radical widebody and we can only imagine the corner-devouring nature such a machine would exhibit in real life—for the record, Datsun truck builds are a bit of a thing these days.

There’s no GT-R turbocharged six-cylinder here, though. Instead, the bed now accommodates a supercharged V8, which has been assorted with NASCAR-like wheels shod in the initial custom proposal’s Toyo R888R tires.

Moving further back, we find a wing that starts around the middle of the rear overfenders and goes past the tailgate, albeit while sitting low.

Fire? Sure, we got that, with the beastly engine spitting flames via the reworked exhaust tips, which are even larger than before.