Daymak Spiritus LEV Prototype Takes Its First Public Drive Ever


Daymak is a Canadian company with considerable experience on the electric urban mobility market, but that didn’t save it from accusations of vaporware when it announced the Avvenire lineup. The Spiritus is a three-wheel “car” that is part of that lineup, and there is video to prove that it exists. The Avvenire lineup was introduced in early 2021 and comprises e-bikes, LEVs (light electric vehicles), and a flying car. It also comes with a 2023 delivery date, and generated massive interest from investors when it premiered these electric vehicles in digital form, so you can understand why it was accused of vaporware almost instantly. But Daymak is serious about Avvenire. So serious that it shortly debuted a static model of the Spiritus, the most anticipated entry in the series, an electric three-wheeler, which was able to mine crypto in real life, while parked. Then, in October last year, Daymak showed off the first production-ready prototype in press photos. We now have video of the prototype in motion, courtesy of Daymak Vice President of R&D Mike Chow. You can see it in full at the bottom of the page. Though the description of the video says that this was a “first drive test,” the video plays more like an ad. It’s not a test drive as you’d expect from a car reviewer, in that the video is edited drastically, with quick cuts and dramatic music set against a mix of real-life images and CG renders. Still, this is the Daymak Spiritus in motion, driving through a parking lot and what looks like a public road, making just one, slow-speed turn, and then returning back to base. Comments on the video are disabled, and you’re free to guess as to why a startup like Daymak would not want to hear feedback from potential customers and the public at large. On a positive note, the prototype looks good and, at the very least, moves under its own power, so the company is able to partially dispel those vaporware rumors. Whether the Spiritus will go into full production to meet the 2023 delivery date remains to be seen. But here’s to starting the new year with a hopeful outlook.