Detailer Makes Demolishing Analysis of Tesla’s Build Quality


With more than one million followers on Tik Tok, Tran received a question from the user @kohens_dad asking why she was mad at Tesla. Her answer is NSFW, but most of what follows in the video below are critics we have heard from multiple owners for a long time already.

Tran starts the list of wrong things with a Tesla by complimenting Elon Musk for making an affordable electric car. However, she wonders if the requirements for working in Fremont are to be “blind with no hands.”

Concerning this point, it is worth saying that quality control is something Tesla should care for and adjust: blue-collar workers are there to get the job done as the company tells them to perform it. Even if some may think they need more time to deliver better vehicles, the company is the one who has to decide about that.

The detailer then shows many issues with a single Model 3, most of them related to how body parts are put together. In that category are problems with the rear-view mirrors, trim pieces, uneven panel gaps, sun visors, top halves, and rubber seals. Many Model 3 and some Model Y had windows spontaneously shattering, and one of the hypotheses for that to happen is stress caused by the lousy alignment of body panels.

It seems that Tran owns the Model 3 about which she speaks: the detailer is very familiar with it and has no issues mentioning all the things she hates about it. If it were a customer’s vehicle, she would probably be more cautious, especially knowing how attached some people are to their cars.

Tran mentions how thin the paint layer is, the door piece flexes, the central screen only works about 60% of the time, and the steering wheel finishing is not ok for her taste. Check her video below to see all her complaints about the vehicle and the score she gives it. In the video description, she writes that there are worse cars but that Tesla vehicles are not as nice as people think they are.

Considering how old some very similar complaints are, Tesla should have addressed them a long time ago before building new plants or presenting new products. If current owners are not happy with the quality, the word-of-mouth advertisement on which Tesla relies the most is seriously at stake. Hopefully, the company will realize that before its reputation is irreversibly damaged from statements such as the one Tran decided to share.

@jtmobiledetailing Reply to @kohens_dad not saying it a *bad* car there’s definitely worse, but it’s not as nice as people think they are

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