Details of the upcoming Jeep Grand Wagoneer EV revealed


Promising Jeep Grand Wagoneer EV SUV will be the most expensive in the brand’s model range

The American luxury SUV maker has shared with some details about its electric new Jeep Grand Wagoneer EV.

The existence of the electric Grand Wagoneer EV became known at the presentation of Stellantis EV Day on July 8, 2021. Then the representatives of the concern said that the car is included in the brand’s roadmap and is under development.

According to Jeep CEO Christian Meunier, the Wagoneer will be the premium offering in the brand’s lineup. He stressed that this segment of electric SUVs is very profitable, which is why Jeep is looking to offer its product there as well.

At the APAC roundtable on July 14, TopElectricSUV asked Meunier what price should be guided by. Jeep boss responded by calling the Grand Wagoneer EV “obviously not the most affordable product.” He further noted that this SUV is very modern, and the client will pay a lot of money for incredible comfort and dynamics that others can envy.

Recall that the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are already some of the most expensive Jeep models in the lineup. The former is priced at $ 68,590 as standard, while the latter is priced at $ 87,590. The American media suggests that the company will try to keep the cost of the base version of the future Wagoneer EV within 90 thousand dollars.

There is no information about the release date yet. However, Jeep has hinted that its debut will take place around the same time as the regular Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer facelifts, and this should happen no earlier than 2024. The main competitors are the Cadillac Escalade EV and the promising Lucid Gravity.