Diamonds Will Be Flown to the ISS for the First Time, Can Become Yours for up to $2M


2021 will be remembered in many ways, one of them being as the year of pioneering civilian space flight. It’s not unusual to hear that a special diamond jewelry collection would be designed in honor of these historic events, but it is surprising to learn that these diamonds will make a trip to space before becoming someone’s exclusive piece of jewelry.

A jewelry company located in Lafayette, Los Angeles, is working with NASA, to send diamonds on an extraordinary trip to the International Space Station (ISS) – an unprecedented endeavor. The unique “Diamonds in Space” program was officially launched on October 26, when people with a passion for luxury and space exploration can pre-order one of these unique gems.

Each of them is numbered, engraved, and documented by the American Gem Society Laboratory, and the buyers will be able to track their diamonds all throughout their historic journey.

This unusual offering includes natural and lab-grown diamonds, which can be purchased as loose gems, or set into the customers’ preferred mounting. According to Dianna Rae Jewelry, prices start from $745, with the most expensive ones going up to $2 million.

The company also unveiled a new collection featuring some of the diamonds that will be flown to space, with designs inspired by space missions, such as “Space Angel” and “Cupola.”

NASA is expected to announce the official launch date of SpaceX CRS-25, the Commercial Resupply Service mission to the ISS that will also have these diamonds on board, by mid-December 2021. Somewhere around May 2022, the diamonds will make their historic flight to space, and then come back and be delivered to customers, by August, that same year.

Perhaps this will become a regular thing in the near future, as commercial missions to space are becoming more frequent and accessible. But the ones who will buy these “out-of-this-world” gems will be able to say that they own the first diamonds ever to fly to the ISS.