Diesel-Powered Ford Mustang Gets Giant Twin Turbos, Goes to Drive-Thru


In California, every street has a bunch of Prius hybrids and Tesla EVs. But over in Kansas, where the grass is green and people get bored on farms, somebody is making a Ford Mustang that rolls as much coal as possible. It all evens out!

The custom car scene has a couple of goofy, interesting muscle cars powered by diesel engines. Hoonigan has just put the finishing touches on their Coalmaro, which includes some carbon fiber body panels and fancy polished wheels. Westen Champlin doesn’t make that kind of money, but his Cummins Mustang is equally entertaining.

First of all, this is a normal Mustang, but it’s been converted to look like a Shelby GT500. After that comes the mother of all engine transplants, which is a 12-valve 6BT 5.9-liter Cummins. It’s about as angering to the environmentalists as that Hellcat Prius SRT8, if not more.

But the large six-cylinder only made about 230 horsepower, and Westen obviously couldn’t leave it at that. More recently, the engine has been fitted with not one but two Aggressor 80 turbochargers. They’re big, they’re super-heavy, and they make the Smokestang look like a professional dragster. also, there’s no way the hood is ever going back on now.

At the end of June, we saw how these monsters were attached to the Mustang. The pipes that come with the turbos don’t fit well, and Champlin attaches a big V-band clamp, but there’s still some leak. This insane boost was also making the radiator overheating.

Now it’s back, ready to test its metal at the drag strip. But in the time-honored tradition of YouTubers stretching out their content for the algorithm, the action starts with the Smokestang at the McDonalds Drive-Thru. We don’t mind. Actually, this has to be some of the best filler content ever made, and it also includes power-washing the engine.

As for the drag strip action itself, the title pretty much sums it up. The Cummins is making too much boost for its own good. After a spectacular burnout, the intercooler “goes boom.” What’s interesting is how many people love this oddball dragster and how they want to help the owner fix it to get it back on track.