Digital 1932 Ford Custom ZZ Top Eliminator Homage Looks Stunning and Undrivable


Custom pre-WWII Blue Ovals are known for their propensity to become outrageous Hot Rods. But this 1932 Ford went through such a big transformation that it made it completely impractical. Luckily, it’s just wishful thinking.

The Czech Republic-based virtual artist Rostislav Prokop (aka rostislav_prokop on social media) has lots of remarkable CGI transformations. And because of his love for all things American, he’s been producing some deeply unsettling (for both the wrong and right reasons) cars and trucks. Even better, there’s nothing that doesn’t benefit his agenda.

From lots of widebody monsters to mid-engine alterations you’d love to see on the road, and from classic cars to crazy trucks, just about anything goes. Sure, there’s also an occasional JDM twist to his CGI exploits, but he’s always coming back to his passion for U.S.-made vehicles. And his latest project also goes back in time quite a bit. To a 1932 Ford transformed into an outlandish Hot Rod.

But we don’t have to jump back to the quirky automotive times before the Second World War. Instead, he is taking us on a musical journey of discovery, as we are dealing here with a themed custom Blue Oval. The hints are more than obvious, of course.

Still, just in case the bright red paintwork and extreme double Z stripes aren’t enough, this is clearly labeled as the 1932 Ford custom “ZZ top edition.” As far as we can tell, it’s a cool homage to the band’s famous ZZ Top Eliminator car. But with a few personal twists, including a name change to a fitting “Gimme All Your Lovin’.”

Although, by the looks of it, the CGI expert could have labeled this as “gimme all your 360-degree cameras and a drone” as well. That is because the windows are so small, we feel it would be completely undrivable in the real world. At least not without some serious technology backing up the Hot Rod driver’s restrained view of the outside world…