Digitally Fresh DMC DeLorean Keeps Original Traits, Seems Ready for a Restomod


Although it’s not the greatest sports car out there, DMC’s DeLorean rear-engine two-door sure has a massive cult following. And it’s because of a convergence of factors. First of all, it looks quirky, so it’s hard to forget it once you laid eyes on an example. Secondly, its original traits are hugely entertaining: rear-engine, RWD, just a couple of seats tucked behind two gullwing doors, staggered wheel size, etc. Thirdly, it’s a pop-culture legend. Naturally, this would be the right time to insert a Marty McFly (Michale J. Fox) “Back to the Future” joke or reference. But after decades of everyone doing that (the franchise will be four decades old, soon), we should be above the time machine puns. Anyway, one thing is for sure. The DeLorean Motor Company’s DMC-12 project (aka DeLorean) has seen countless revivals, continuations, and restomods. Both across the real world and the virtual realm. Still, that does not mean we cannot have some fun with the latest digital reinterpretations. Besides, the one proposed by the pixel master only known as on social media to kick off his 2022 projects is refreshingly observant of the original’s iconic traits. Unlike the unofficial DeLorean E idea that dreamt of an electric future without keeping the most important trait, this modernized version is just making everything look contemporary. Just like a sensible restomod would do, in the real world. So, the CGI expert’s refreshed DeLorean comes with square LED headlights and a much smoother front fascia. It still has plastic bits, so we know the artist was paying attention to details. The wheel and tire package keeps the staggered attitude, but with a decidedly sports car aftermarket attitude. No word about the rear styling can be uttered since we do not have that POV as well. Alas, the cockpit is wide open thanks to upgraded gullwing doors. And we can easily catch a glimpse of the vintage-dressed modern bucket seats. What more could be asked from a sensible restomod?