Doctor and GT-R duo rejected despite saving a baby’s life


After saving the life of a one-year old, the WA Government rejects a doctor’s submission to use his GT-R supercar officially.

Dr Livingston with his Nissan GT-R

A doctor’s request to use his Nissan GT-R supercar for official duties has been denied in West Australia.

Dr Michael Livingston is a General Practitioner who runs two regional clinics six-hours outside of Perth, in Hopetoun and Ravensthorpe. The two isolated communities are at least 30 mins apart.

Despite completing the required amount of driving training, and using his skills and Nissan GT-R in a fast-response manner to save a baby’s life last year, the West Australian Department of Transport has denied his application for Emergency Vehicle Status (EVS).

As reported by the ABC, among the “range of reasons” cited for refusing the doctor’s application was the fact “male drivers are more likely to be involved in high-speed driving and have high-risk taking behaviours”.

Other reasons included the vehicle’s low-nose being at risk of animal strikes, and possibly being dangerous to the doctor himself to use in those areas.

In 2021, Dr Livingston responded to an emergency call-out in Ravensthorpe – a one-year old with a known case bronchiolitis suffering from severe breathing difficulty.

The child required a shot of adrelin to live, something only Dr Livingston could administer. He was located 30 mins away in Hopetoun at the time.

By “driving at speed” in his Nissan GT-R, Dr Livingston was able to arrive on-time and administer care until the child was air lifted to safety.

One-year old Ava survived the incident, with her mother claiming the swift and speedy response saved her child’s life.

Drive has contacted Dr Livingston for comment. We will update this story with more details.

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