Dodge will remove the shocking shade of Gold Rush from the color palette of cars from August 1


There are still many interesting colors in the Dodge palette. These are, for example, the fantastic Hellraisin (purple), the unusual Frostbite (blue) and the totally wild orange color of Go Mango.

Many automakers aren’t afraid to experiment with the colors of their cars. And Dodge in this business has succeeded, perhaps, the best. Sadly, one of the many whimsical colors in Dodge’s palette is leaving the scene. This is a stunning Gold Rush shade.

Mopar Insiders said the color will disappear from all Dodge vehicles at the end of July. The publication refers to an internal Dodge message sent to dealers. Special colors are often short-lived, so there is no doubt about the veracity of this news. So far, the gold color is still listed in the online configurators for both the Challenger and Charger. However, from August everything should change.

Gold Rush is a curious color that can hardly be called gold in the traditional sense. It sits somewhere between yellow and pea green. This color debuted in 2019 for the 2020 Dodge Challenger 50th Anniversary Edition and was for a time exclusive to Dodge’s two-door muscle car.

Over time, more powerful versions were tried on. Moreover, this shade has always gone in tandem with black trim.

Given Dodge’s penchant for reworking special colors, we doubt this will be the last time we see the Gold Rush. The name may change, but since Challenger sales are still doing surprisingly well, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it reappear for another model before the brand goes electric.

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