Dodge will show a teaser of the mysterious muscle car on July 8


Dodge CEO promises an exciting July 8 teaser amid rumors of an electric muscle car. Moreover, the brand will reveal the future novelty only in November.

Get ready for an important teaser coming soon from Dodge as the company prepares to release some “pretty cool stuff” in the coming weeks.

“Tune in for July 8th,” said Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis, promising a teaser for the car, which will be unveiled later. Most likely, the brand will wait until SEMA 2021, scheduled for November 2-5.

What is the reason for such a delay, Kunsikis does not specify. Although such delays due to the pandemic and the shortage of chips were far from uncommon this year. What kind of car is waiting for its debut, Kuniskis did not tell.

Recently, specialized media have been actively writing about Dodge’s hobby for electrified muscle cars. Back in May, Dodge’s head of sales, Matt McAleer, promised to reinvent the muscle car.

“Everyone knows that electrification is coming, we will reinvent the muscle car for Dodge,” McAleer said.

Either way, it will be interesting to see if Dodge can beat its Ford and Chevy rivals with an electrified sports car.

Earlier, AutoTimesNews said that the concept of a futuristic minivan MINI Vision Urbanaut is waiting for its second debut on July 1. Last time, the brand only provided digital renderings. Now a real car will be presented.