Doug DeMuro Can’t Drive the 2022 Range Rover, yet He Founds It Unique


Starting above the $100,000 mark, the 2022 Land Rover Range Rover is available with a choice of two engines and two wheelbases. Just a quick reminder: the Range Rover was launched in 1969 as a two-door SUV. It wasn’t that luxurious and all, but still comfortable enough for the British aristocracy. Later on, the car received a four-door version and an option for a long wheelbase.

Starting with the 2022 model year, it also offers three seat rows. That’s why Doug started from the back of the car. It showed how those seats can fold down to expand the trunk. Not only that, but the lower half of the tailgate can be lowered-down and provide a bench-seat for two with cup-holders on the side hinges and two LED lamps (reading lights, maybe?) on the inner side of the opened tailgate.

Next, moving on to the interior, the car provides buttons in the trunk to lower the third and the second seat rows. Yes, the last row is not very comfortable for an adult, but for kids is just fine. Moreover, it offers heated seats for the last row. So what’s next, Land Rover? Massage for the kids on long journeys?

For the exterior design, the carmaker installed the most powerful motors for the pop-out door handles so they could break the ice in the event of an overnight freeze. With the door handles retracted, the car reveals a minimalist design. Even on the model he analyzes, the top-of-the-range Autobiography trim level, there is only one place where someone may find that label: on the lower side of the front door, on the aluminum trims.

Inside, Doug shows how much room he has on the rear bench. While the Range Rover is a driver’s car, the long-wheelbase version focuses on the rear passengers. With plenty of leg and head-room, the luxurious SUV shows why it is often called the S-Class of the SUV segment. But the comfort level and features are going furthermore, including the option of opening both rear windows at the touch of a button. Moreover, how many cars do you know that have rear memory seats?

Moving on the front seats, Doug DeMuro pointed an interesting option for the upholstery. While the Autobiography came fitted with leather seats, the carmaker offers an option for a non-leather interior. On the center console, the carmaker placed a rotary dial placed next to the gearshift selects the driving modes, from tarmac to gravel, snow, mud, roots, wading, and other programs.

The Land Rover Range Rover is still the benchmark for the industry in terms of luxurious SUVs. Under the Autobiography’s aluminum hood, the carmaker placed a BMW-sourced twin-turbo V8 that provided 525 hp. Yet, the base powerplant for the car is a straight-six unit that delivers around 400 hp.

He couldn’t drive the car since it was a preproduction model. Yet, the numerous features of the vehicle show why the Range Rover is on top of the list for many wealthy people. And, unlike the much-more expensive Rolls-Royce Cullinan or Bentley Bentayga, it can tackle really hard off-road trails.