Driven: 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Feels Like A Small Improvement Over The Old One


You don’t need us to tell you that Hyundai has been on a roll in recent years with its new vehicles. In mid-2020, one of the staples of its range, the Santa Fe, was facelifted and updated in its fourth-generation guise.

However, this wasn’t an ordinary facelift as the 2021 Santa Fe is also based on Hyundai’s new third-generation vehicle platform. The automaker claims improvements for both safety and handling with this updated platform and based on our recent test of the SUV, we can confirm that handling has indeed been improved. The new Santa Fe has other things going for it too.

Extensive Design Changes

Hyundai Australia sells four variants of the updated Santa Fe. These are the base model, simply referred to as the Santa Fe, as well as the Active, Elite, and Highlander. We tested the base model with the available 2.2-liter diesel CRDi four-cylinder that Hyundai has been using for a number of years now.

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