Driven: Suzuki Across PHEV Is The Neglected RAV4 Twin Blessed With All The Virtues Of The Original


Suzuki is known for offering smaller-sized models, but its European range has an anomaly in the form of a rebadged Toyota RAV4 PHEV / Prime. The Suzuki Across benefits from a punchy and efficient plug-in hybrid powertrain and is offered in a single but well-equipped trim level as an alternative to its twin brother. We recently got the keys of the Across for a full week, driving a total of 1,000 km (620 miles) in different conditions in order to see if the RAV4’s alter ego is worthy of your attention.

Familiar Styling, Unique Face
Reviewing badge-engineered models means you are constantly trying to find the differences between identical or nearly-identical twins. In this case, the Across shares most of its body panels with the RAV4, with the exception of the front end. The slimmer hawk-eye LED headlights are actually sourced from the China-only Toyota Wildlander, but the sculpted front bumper is unique to the Suzuki,  » Read More