Driving Your Prevost RV Onto the Race Track Is a Bad Way to End a Vacation


That is one way to end a vacation the bad way: one man drove his Prevost Marathon RV onto the race track at Lime Stone, probably thinking he could take the shortcut. He is now RV-less, because the motorhome has been impounded.

As IMSA reporter John Dagys says on his Twitter, that’s a new one: what looks like a vintage Prevost Marathon motorhome ended up on the race track at Lime Rock Park, in Lakeville, Connecticut (U.S.). The driver came onto the track willingly, based on initial reports, and was driving in the wrong direction.

As per the same reports, he was probably hoping for a shortcut. The International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) had put up the red flag due to the rain, halting practice runs, so it could be that the RV driver saw the flag and thought this was his chance both for a hot lap and faster time to his destination. He only made it a short distance from his entry point, before he was stopped by IMSA safety vehicles and escorted off the track.

It only got worse from him afterwards. Dagys has it from a Lime Rock Park spokesperson that the driver was arrested for “reckless endangerment” and his RV was impounded by the State Police. One of the tweets embedded at the bottom of the page includes a video of IMSA vehicles escorting it to the police HQ, at a very slow speed. Of all the ways to end your vacation, this is perhaps the dumbest.

The incident is definitely not the first time someone casually (or intentionally) wanders onto the race track. In the space of just three months in late 2020, two women ended up on the Interlagos Circuit in Brazil by mistake, with both incidents going viral and polarizing public opinion. There is nothing polarizing about this most recent incident, though: the man made a very bad call, and he will have to live with the consequences.

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