Duchess of Cambridge’s First Car Was a Volkswagen Golf, Now She Drives an Audi R8


The vehicles celebrities own say a lot about them, especially when they’re meant to reflect their status. But prior to being a Duchess, Kate Middleton drove a Volkswagen Golf. Now, she sits behind the wheel of a sports car: the Audi R8.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s relationship goes way back to the time they were studying at the University of St. Andrews together, where they met. Back then, the current Duchess of Cambridge and future Queen Consort was just like us, and a lot of her choices back then proved it.

While she was dating the future King of the United Kingdom, Kate Middleton used to drive one of the most popular European cars, a Volkswagen Golf. The Duchess owned the vehicle until 2007, having bought it in 2001. After she stopped driving it, she sold it to her brother, who ended up selling it for around $2,300. In 2001, it was worth around $13,000.

But an analysis of her car claims some of the compliments the car received can be attributed to Kate Middleton as well. According to Louis Rix via OK Magazine, the VW Golf is “respectable and reliable.” 

Although her brother didn’t get much for the vehicle, it was later valued at almost $40,000 at an auction just because the Duchess previously owned it. It’s hard to track the Golf Kate owned, but it reportedly failed to find a buyer in the first two auctions it entered.

As time passed and Kate married Prince William, her option in cars changed. Both she and Prince William own several vehicles, and the two seem to have an affinity for Audi cars. It might just be because it was reported that the brand offers them a 60% discount.

Over the years, Kate Middleton owned an Audi A3, and now she’s driving an R8 sports car. How is it described now? Both stylish and with a great performance, it might just be perfect for royal duties. Just like the Duchess of Cambridge.