E-Scooters Got A Bad Reputation and Superpedestrian Wants to Change That


As far as micromobility goes, we’re definitely heading in the right direction, with a plethora of options available. The problem with e-scooters though is that not all riders are responsible when it comes to the safety of others, mainly pedestrians. Superpedestrian plans to solve this problem with its Pedestrian Defense system, which is going to be implemented with its entire fleet of LINK e-scooters.

Superpedestrian is based in Massachusetts and is the engineering company behind LINK. It develops AI (artificial intelligence) technologies for micromobility vehicles, with dozens of patents in AI so far. Calling itself the Volvo of e-scooters, the company plans to stand out from the crowd by keeping its focus mainly on the aspect of safety.

The Pedestrian Defense system uses the Super Fusion technology of Navmatic, a startup it recently acquired. Their patented technology can accurately and quickly locate vehicles and apply real-time corrective measures.

By integrating the Pedestrian Defense system, Superpedestrian can now keep an eye on its entire fleet of LINK scooters and make sure riders are using the vehicles properly, without breaking laws or endangering the life of pedestrians.

Unsafe behaviors such as riding on the sidewalk, wrong-way riding, repeated hard braking, can all be detected using the technology, and also corrected. Riders who are irresponsible will be slowed down or autonomously stopped altogether. They will also receive alerts on the vehicle when they break rules and will be educated through customized SMS alerts, in-app training, as well as incentives.

In case of a crash, Pedestrian Defense will also be able to generate collision reports that will offer authorities detailed information.

Superpedestrian hopes the smart technology will improve the way e-scooters are seen in more and more cities around the world, where authorities sanction, restrict or even ban these vehicles, for safety reasons.

Pedestrian Defense will be fully implemented starting this fall.