Early Dodge Challenger Drag Pack Spent a Decade in Storage, Was Never Started


Back in 2008, Mopar shook the muscle car world by introducing the first factory drag racer in 40 years, with the 100 units of the Challenger Drag Pack built for the 2009 season selling like hotcakes.

Naturally, the drag strip offensive continued—this is still going, by the way—with Dodge releasing the 2010 Challenger Drag pack that’s staring at us from these photos. Once again, just 100 cars were built and it looks like this particular example has yet to bring fuel and air together.

In fact, eBay seller tonyboy314 mentions the 6.1L V8 under the hood has never been woken up—based on the production motor, this features multiple updates, from the hi-ram intake manifold that’s clearly visible in the image gallery and the revised valve lift and hydraulic roller cams, to the forged pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft.

Back in the day, the engine could be paired with a five-speed auto or a six-speed manual, but the tranny wasn’t supplied with the package, so you’ll have to source it elsewhere. And with the rear axle being a trailer unit aimed at allowing the car to be moved about, you might also want to grab one of those.

Nevertheless, if you check out the box sitting in the stripped-out trunk, you’ll find the brand new wiring harness and computer. And while we’re talking about the vehicle’s lightweight treatment, which mixes a diet that removes the AC and sound system with special bits such as polycarbonate windows and a composite hood (would you look at that scoop!), you should know this is some 1,000 lbs (454 kg) lighter than the road car.

Unlike the more recent Demon, which is a 9s beast with license plates, the Drag Pack comes as a track-only animal, so it doesn’t sport a VIN.

Now, back when the machine was released, it came with a starting price of $39,999, while this example is offered with a fixed price of $29,900.