Early Reviews Of Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 EV Are In And They’re Good


Hyundai’s new dedicated EV, the Ioniq 5, is trundling steadily along into production and the latest milestone has been reached. The motoring media in the UK and Korea have gotten their hands on the new electric vehicle.

With reviews pouring in fast, we’ve taken a selection to get a general impression of how the Ioniq 5 is faring at the hands of the world’s critics. So far, it looks like Hyundai will be happy with the results.

Although the vehicle provided to UK journalists was a pre-production model, The Late Brake Show was mightily impressed by its looks, its quality, and its driving characteristics. Though wowed by its Lancia Delta Integrale reminiscent looks, host Jonny Smith was almost more impressed by the Ioniq 5’s interior.

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“The car has so much more space inside than you expect from something of this overall length,” Smith said.

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