Easy to Use, Light, and Retro Look – Meerkat Trailer Is a Quaint Travel Companion


There’s a team out in California known as Little Guy Trailers, and while this team produces its own branded trailers and RVs, and has been doing so since 2002, another brand they offer is known as Meerkat Trailers.

One specific trailer that this crew manufactures, the Meerkat, is a trailer that promises to be the affordable and capable answer to your lighter RV needs. One reason why this trailer may interest you is that it’s proudly owned and manufactured in the U.S. by an American company. What, it’s American Month here at autoevolution, and I’m just doing what I do best.

Secondly, the manufacturer’s website states that this puppy starts off at just $22,970 (€19,430 at current exchange rates). That alone should be enough to get you to keep reading. Sure, you’ll be running a bare model for that price, with just standard gear, but Meerkat is ready to help you deck this trinket out with extra options.

Now, this trailer isn’t the biggest or even showiest trailer around, but it is one that offers the essentials you’ll need to live a comfortable life on the road for as long as possible.

To best get an idea of how much wiggle room you’ll have in store, it should help to know some of this trailer’s dimensions. Overall, 73 inches (185 centimeters) of interior height is available, while an overall length of 13 feet (3.96 m) is how much space you’ll occupy behind your rig. Inside, on the other hand, the trailer only offers 9.5 feet (2.89 m) of space.

These dimensions are granted due to an all-steel frame, and what looks to be a heavy use of aluminum with quite the fiberglass workings. Even though the manufacturer’s website states nothing about trailer construction, it seems as though the team did their best to offer as much of a continuous exterior shell as possible. Still, there are some seams that could be problematic in the long run.

Overall, this sucker comes in with a weight of 900 lbs (408 kg) but features an axle rating of 2,000 lbs (907 kg), more than enough room to fill it with the goodies you’ll want to bring along on your adventures, and a size that won’t push the limits on your towing rig at all.

Inside the Meerkat, expect a balance of amenities somewhere between a teardrop trailer and a camper van. Features like a dinette that also acts as a bedding area will be the space where you live and rest your on-road life, while plenty of overhead and under-seat storage to load this baby with clothes, shoes, utensils, and gear, is available.

At the front of the trailer, the galley is shaped from a large countertop with integrated sink. Don’t bother searching for a cooktop up here as it sits neatly hidden in a drawer and can be pulled out when needed. For keeping food cool, an icebox is found, but that can always be switched out for something more suitable to your needs.

One possible let-down may be the lack of a wet bath. Instead, the Meerkat features nothing but a porta-potty. However, one feature that owners may enjoy is that pop-up roof, used for ventilation but also to offer more headroom and an open feel to the space.

If and when you ever visit the manufacturer’s website, you can go through the configurator and build your own dream Meerkat. With awning, fridge, bed extension, and spare tire and rack, plus a few other small options, and I was looking at a $26,000 trailer. Sure, not the least expensive trailer on the market, but one worth knowing about.